Janice R.

I want to express how amazing it has been to work with Sandra Cantrell. I met Sandra at work and connected with her immediately. She came into the office inquiring about auto loans for her children and as soon as we started getting to know each other the flow of the conversation was undeniable. She told me she was a realtor and I was so comfortable that I told her I wanted to own a home but at the time I thought I would have to wait two years before I could even think about buying. I told her I was already looking at apartments. Without being pushy or trying to change my mind she gave me information about buying and about the market. She gave me her business card and said if I had any questions to call her. A few weeks later I had put a deposit for an apartment but when looking at the monthly cost something was not sitting with me. One afternoon I called Sandra and asked her to be real with me. I asked her “How possible is it for a single girl like me to be a homeowner?” I told her I had shopped all the apartments and rents were just as expensive as a mortgage. That day we talked for awhile and she answered every question “again without being pushy”. She told me the first step was to contact a lender and thankfully we had someone in common.

I was able to get pre-approved with the lender and we started the search. I’m a first-time home buyer and I had no idea what I was looking for or honestly wanted. I was more price driven but thankfully Sandra understood my style. The way she conducts herself with such professionalism but so open and respectful all at the same time is what makes her great. I had sent her accouple of new built homes and some condos. She would have all the info within a day. She also told me to download the Alco Realty App. It was so easy to use and true to the market. She had sent me to drive by a house and on my way back she called me asking if I had time to look at a house. That same day she arranged everything so in a few hours we were at the house doing a walkthrough. The house was perfect! The perfect size, style, price, everything. As we left the house, I told Sandra I wanted to put an offer. That same day she started working on getting the offer in. We had to negotiate a little, but she was on my side on every step/ decision we took. By the next day we had an offer on the table and in one or two days the sellers had accepted my offer. I could not believe it I was so excited but so scared at the same time, but Sandra stayed by my side every step of the way. Every question I had she new how to answer. We worked through the ups and downs, the waiting a confirming and made it to my closing date without any problems. She also had a lot of good recommendations for inspectors, insurance, tax, anything I needed. The same way it started with Sandra by my side, it ended with her by my side. It was the best feeling ever and I was so grateful and thankful to have her as a realtor and now friend. I don’t think I would have taken this step if I had not worked with Sandra. Buying a home is a big step but when you work with someone like Sandra it’s the best feeling ever.

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